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About Me

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My mantra is „Honest art from the heart“. My heart is connected with natural materials and ancestral ways of expressing art. For me it is a stream of working with materials I find around myself, reusing, filling my own belongings up with lots of love for details and the finest patterns. 

My pencil is following the complete feeling and expression of my hand. Out of those outer lines, there grows a new being, a feeling for a room or an expression for a new material. 

When my head is dark, its patterns, textures and colours that bring me back. 

Thank you for this gift. 

They say ...

Jana Düring

"To me, there is no clean line between Lina and her art. It just seems to flow right out of her, with lots of fine lines and colours and dots. There is something special about it which I can‘t put my finger on – but it makes the world feel sweeter, more fun and magical, like being transported into another world where the lines between seen and unseen, life and dream, and matter and spirit start to blur.Oh, and flowers. Flowers."

Manuela Maack

“Lina is a wonderful person and a great artist! Every conversation with her is an inspiration and a good-mood moment. This joie de vivre is reflected in every stroke of her pen. You can't help but feel joy when you look at her works. For her future work and development, I wish her as much happiness and sunshine as she brings into our lives.”

Niko Sebastian Kurki

"She is art. The unique and beautiful way Lina sees the world translates to everything she does, including the art. To me everything she does is art. Knowing that there's a living being like her sharing this time and space here on Earth makes me realize that my life is art too."



"Linas art has an ease to it, like a intentionally started off morning that affects the whole day. 

Her creations remind me that with playfulness and softness, life is sweeter. There are so many lessons and stories contained in Linas art, waiting to be unpacked by the observer…. it’s therapeutic."

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