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Support Me

Honest Art From The Heart is my souls passion. Since I am in my twenties, it is first the beginning. My network, cooperations and work is step by step growing in its own and my own pace. But at the same time:

Support is warmly welcome. You would support a tiny mindful one-women heart-driven business.  If you feel like it, there are a few options below :-).

If any questions should come up please contact me through the homepage section "Contact Me" or through Instagram. 


Are you a shop-owner, having your own business or knowing someone who could be intrested: shout out to me 

Fashion Designer

One thing that has been a big love of mine since I was little is fashion! Combining my drawings with fabric is fantastic. Let me knew if you need a catalogue or are curious about a design.

Financial Support

You are feeling like supporting me financially? ​

Great! I do highly appreciate that.

PayPal: (3x "L" is corret)


Are you a print publisher? Knowing a company that could be interestet in me designing or an already existing work? Or are YOU having your own project which needs a colourful support? Or starting your own company and wishing for a unique and just YOU logo? I got you. 


You would like to order a few postcards, sticker, artprints or otherwise, let me know!

Art- Course 

I have been giving art courses in the pedagogic field. If you have an event or festival coming up are are interested in having me in your institution: shout out! :)

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