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Sustainable, playful art -
directly from my heart 

Carbon Sketching_edited.jpg

Hello dear visitor!

Yes, honest art from the heart or rather sustainable art from my heart suits my creating pretty well. I am on a journey of slowly putting words on what I am getting as colours into the wide world. For me it simply starts as feelings for forms or colours. 

Some times I wish to invite the visitor in exhibition rooms to feel save, to be able to let go of hardened boundaries. 

Other times I want to give to the new owner of a postcard or sticker the silent, soft traveler on their side, who reminds them to be able to be themselves and allow their warm-inner-self to be present and invited with them. 

Other times it is a simple invitation to dream or to badassly share my freaking obsession with genius colour-combinations! 

But not to forget about my deep desire to create in a sustainable way environmental wise. Many of my paintings backgrounds had a life before, I love to paint on already existing walls in cafes or if its unavoidable I prefer printing locally and on recycling paper. 

One option is as well, to get a print of my illustration-works on your favourite shirt! 

Feel free to contact be about it all :-)! Looking forward to hearing from you. 

But for now: You are more than welcome on my homepage. 

Above these text and pictures you can find a menu with my online-shop "Shop Art", some words and titles on my ongoing and finished projects "Projects", "Linerie" which is a combination between my first name "Lina" and the German word for gallery "Galerie". I used this once when I was in my teenage - years all into photography. I had an online gallery back then. Mostly you see the pictures which are linked to my Instragram-profile. So its always up-to-date :-) !

Feel free to check me out there too.

What follows is the "Embodied-Art-Service" which includes different kind of holistic-art-support and personalized Art to book! Genius! Looking forward to hearing from you through that.

Under the section "Where" you can always find the Up-to-date shops, markets and exhibitions I am a part of, jay. Last but not least some words About Me and my becoming. In the last section you have the opportunity to get in contact with me. 

Love and blessings,

Pahl, Lina 

P.S.: Just below you find the NEWSLETTER option. For now I send a newsletter update about every season :-) .Would love to stay in touch with you in that way and build a small "honest-art-heart- community".

Sign up for one update each season! 

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